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Getting Started with PowerShell 2.0

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Scripting with Windows PowerShell

This page brings together resources for system administrators who are interested in learning about the Windows PowerShell command line and scripting environment.

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Forrester Exchange 2010 Case Study

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Independent Report: “Exchange 2010 — An Upgrade Worth Considering”, Forrester Research, Inc., February 2010.

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Licensing Communications Server “14” Voice and Conferencing

June 29, 2010 1 comment

This post provides more information on the licensing changes coming with Communications Server “14” (CS “14) described in the April 15 Microsoft Volume Licensing brief. In a nutshell, with “14” we are offering separate licenses for our enterprise voice functionality and our unified conferencing functionality.  This allows customers to choose whether to license our voice, our conferencing, or both.  With Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 R2, a single license covers both conferencing and voice, and customers can only license voice and conferencing together.

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Media Bypass in CS2010

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What is it?

  • Media Bypass allows for Communicator clients to communicate directly with a qualified PSTN voice gateway or qualified IP-PBX without traversing the Mediation server for media transcoding
  • When clients use Media Bypass, the Communicator client uses the G.711 codec over SRTP

What are the benefits?

  • Greatly simplifies topology
    • Allows for Mediation server to collocate with Front End server or SBA because of low CPU intensity
    • Greatly reduces the amount of servers needed in deployment resulting in lower TCO
  • Optimizes media flow and quality
    • Eliminates unnecessary hops and potential points of failure
    • Saves WAN bandwidth
    • Improves voice quality with use of G.711 codec


Below are just a few scenarios that show the resulting behavior when Media Bypass is used.  The diagrams show the Mediation server as a separate server for clarity only, usually the Mediation server will be collocated on the Front End server.

PSTN call in main office through local gateway

PSTN Main Gateway large

PSTN call in branch office through branch gateway/SBA

PSTN Branch Gateway

PSTN call in branch office through branch IP-PBX (same scenario for IP-PBX in main office)


Communicator call to PBX phone through IP-PBX

Main PBX Call

Media Bypass in CS2010 is the key to better voice quality and lower TCO for multi-site deployments of Enterprise Voice. 

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A Brief Introduction to Role-Based Access Control – Part 1

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A Brief Introduction to Role-Based Access Control – Part 1 CSPShell 6 Jun 2010 7:17 PM Comments 0 “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” That, by the way, is excellent advice … unless, of course, you happen to be a Microsoft Communications Server 2010 administrator charged with managing thousands of users and multiple sites. After all, in a case like that, doing it yourself (right or wrong) might prove to be a bit … challenging …. To say the least.

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New UCC Blog

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Mark Stadtmueller is the UCC Theme Solution Architect for BT.

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Forest / Domain Prep or UnPrep with CS2010

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With the introduction of PowerShell in CS2010 and the removal of LCSCMD there are now PS cmdlets for doing Forest and Domain Prep for CS2010 from a command line.

 The Prep process can also be reversed using PS cmdlets which are documented in the attached file.  Be aware that if you have CS 2010 and OCS 2007 R2 in the same Forest/Domain and perform an unprep using the CS2010 PS cmdlets, that this will unprep the Forest for both CS2010 and OCS

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