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Lync Common Area Phones Quickstart


One of the new features in Lync 2010 that was not supported in OCS 2007 R2 is the ability to deploy what are known as “Common Area Phones”. These are phones that you might find in the lobby of business that are used for guests. Unlike other Lync phones, Common Area Phones do not allow the entry of a username and password to logon to the network.


Unfortunately the Microsoft documentation for quickly setting up a Common Area Phone can be a bit challenging. This is especially true if you are in a situation that you would like to quickly configure and set up a Lync environment to use a Common Area Phone, (e.g. Lync pilot or when providing knowledge transfer to clients).


This document provides the steps necessary to quickly enable a Lync infrastructure to support the use of Common Area Phones.

General Steps:

There are 4 general steps to enabling the use of Common Area Phones:

• Add support for Lync Common Area Phones to the environments Windows based DHCP configuration.
• Enable PIN authorization support in Lync
• Create an AD SIP enabled contact record that is utilized by the Common Area Phone to login to the network
• Set a PIN for the Common Area Phone that is entered to initially use the phone for Lync

Detailed Steps:

Let’s suppose you have a Polycom CX500 phone. This phone can only connect to a Lync infrastructure using a PIN and only has an Ethernet connection, (i.e. no USB plug).

The steps below are intended to be utilized for the purpose of quickly connecting and testing Common Area Phones. There are plenty of complexities that can be taken advantage of, (i.e. dialing restrictions) that are not covered in this document. Please refer to the “Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Client and Device Deployment Guide” for further details.

Sample environment:

• AD Forest name: numa.us
• Lync Pool name: lyncpool.numa.us
• NTP time server already enabled.
• CX500 waiting to be configured in the “Building Main Lobby”
• Phone number to assign: 208 555 7000
• The following OU exists in AD: ou=phones,dc=numa,dc=us

Perform the following steps:

• DHCP Configuration
o Copy the program dhcputil.exe from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010 to a location accessible from your DHCP server
o Logon to your DHCP server
o Execute this command: dhcputil –sipserver lyncpool.numa.us runconfigscript
 This will add all the entries needed for DHCP to support a Common Area Phone
• Enable PIN authorization for Lync by typing the following Lync Management Shell (PS) cmdlet: set-cswebserviceconfiguration –identity Global –usepinauth $true
• Create a new SIP enabled contact record in AD that will be used by the Common Area Phone to logon to Lync
o New-CsCommonAreaPhone -LineUri “tel:+12085557000” -RegistrarPool “lyncpool.numa.us” -OU “OU=Phones,DC=numa,DC=us” -Description “Building Main Lobby” -DisplayName “Building Main Lobby” -DisplayNumber “1 (208) 555-7000”
• Set a PIN for the contact record created above that is enter when initially connecting the phone to the network:
o Set-csclientpin –identity “Building Main Lobby” –pin 1234

Now power up the CX500 and when prompted enter the pin value “1234”. The phone will then connect and login to Lync.

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