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Using Powershell to enable users for Lync and Exchange Unified Messaging

This document provides the Lync and Exchange Powershell commands for the following:
1. Enable a user for Lync
2. Enterprise voice
3. Assign a Tel URI
4. Enable for Exchange UM
Please note that in order to
• To perform steps 1, 2 and 3 the administrator should be logged on to one of the Lync Front End servers so they can access the Lync Management Shell
• To perform step 4, the administrator will need to have Exchange Admin rights
• To repeat these steps the user mi6hq\james_bond should be removed from AD. This will remove them from Lync and Exchange.
• If a user is already enabled for Lync and Enterprise Voice the steps that follow enabling for Lync and Enterprise Voice can also be used, (e.g. to set the LineURI).
• These steps can also be performed from the Lync Control Panel and the Exchange Management Console, (UM enablement).
The following example commands are based on the following information:
• A test user with the SAMAccountname of mi6hq\james_bond has been created with an Exchange 2007 mailbox (if enabling for Lync and UM).
• AD credentials of user to enable for Lync: mi6hq\james_bond
• User’s AD Display Name: “James Bond”
• Requested SIP address: james_bond@mi6.gov
• Requested Tel URI: +17176061007
• Current PBX Phone number: 717 606 1007
• Requested Exchange UM voice mail extension: 101007
• Requested initial Exchange UM PIN: 101007

Steps to complete the above requirements:
• Logon to a Lync Front End server and open a Lync Management Shell session
o Enable user for Lync: enable-csuser –identity “james bond” –registrarpool mi6hqlyncpool.hq.mi6.local –sipaddress “sip:james_bond@mi6.gov”
o Enable for Enterprise voice: set-csuser –identity “james bond” –enterprisevoiceenabled $true
o Optional: This step is only necessary if the user should be able to receive calls from the PSTN via the PBX PBX:
 Set Tel URI: set-csuser –identity “james bond” –lineuri “tel:+17176061007”
o Set User’s Lync DialPlan: grant-csdialplan –identity “james bond” –policyname “lancasterumhq.mi6.local”

• Enable user for UM: (Must be run from Exchange Management Shell)
enable-ummailbox -identity james_bond@mi6.gov –extensions 101007 -ummailboxpolicy lancaserumhq -pin 101007 –SIPResourceIdentifier james_bond@mi6.gov

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