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Edge server update for managing file transfers

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment

An update is available to enable the control of the file transfers through the Access Edge service in a Lync Server 2010 environment

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Title: Exchange and Lync 2010 IM Integration with OWA

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Jeff Schertz has an extremely useful article on his blog that provides the steps needed to add Lync IM integration, (aka CWA from OCS R2) to your OWA users:

During a recent deployment for Lync it was discovered that if the “InstantmessagingEnabled” attribute is already set to “true”, then when you run the Exchange PS CmdLet described in Jeff’s blog you will get an error message that appears to be complaining about parameter syntax not being correct. 

If you come across this situation there is a simple and easy work around. All you need to do is break out the Set-OwaVirtualDirectory statement in to several individual Set-OwaVirtualDirectory statements. If you issue the –InstantMessagingType line as shown below with the attribute set you will get a warning from PS indicating that the value is set. Executing the other three PS Cmdlets will result in the setting of the required attributes as described in Jeff’s blog.

If you need to quickly see which of the InstantMessaging attributes set issue this Cmdlet:

Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | fl instant* [From the CAS Server]

Example of breaking out the PS Cmdlets for setting the InstantMessaging attributes:

Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -InstantMessagingType OCS
Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -InstantMessagingEnabled:$true
Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -InstantMessagingCertificateThumbprint 851588624951A8181DAB0CB6A52C19AC4C15DFA4
Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -InstantMessagingServerName

Thanks to David Sayer at Dell for helping discover this tip.

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