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Enabling Music On Hold for calls to and from the PSTN for Lync

December 17, 2012 1 comment

I recently had a need to enable music on hold for a Lync customer utilizing a Sonus/NET UX1000/UX2000 gateway. The process is very simple, yet I discovered one step missing that I hope others would like to avoid. The Sonus/NET gateways supports both an FXS (phone line) input, and an uploaded file. This document describes how to upload and enable a wav file on your Sonus/NET media gateway.

Wav file format: Make sure that the wav file is sampled at 8,000 hertz, mono and saved as PCM. The Audacity tool is great for converting files from sources such as iTunes, that are stereo MP4, and converting them. You also need to make sure that the file size for a UX1000 is less than 1 MB, and for a UX2000 less than 2 MB.

Enabling music on hold on the media gateway:
• Connect to the media gateway web interface
• Make sure that you are running firmware version 2.1 or higher
• Select Media / Media System Configuration
• Select File as the Source
• In the upper left click on the text “upload music file”, (very easy to miss)
• Verify that the file is uploaded by going to System / DSPs and view the Music on Hold File Status
• Now select Signaling Groups and open the Signaling group for your Lync Mediation server(s)
• Under Media Information select “Always Enabled” for Music on Hold. This is the step that is missing from the Sonus/NET documentation.
You should now have music on hold for when users call Lync users from the PSTN, or if a Lync user calls a PSTN user and puts them on hold.

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