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Lync 2013 Group Chat Permission Error

I am working with a client where we are installing and configuring Persistent Chat for Lync 2013. We set up the PC server, created the databases with no issues and started the PC services with no errors. Yet, if we attempted to enumerate the PC Categories, (to which chat rooms are created in) we would get an error when attempting to create your first Persistent Chat Category.  

The Lync Admin GUI displays this error:

Get-cspersistentchatcategory: The current user is not part of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins Group

Of course we checked that it was indeed in that group.  The install process also makes sure that CSAdministrator and RTCUniversalServerAdmins are in the Local Group RTC Local Administrators.

After some time we noticed that the PC server name is longer than 15 characters. After working with MSFT we found out that when the PC server calls the Windows API to determine if the currently logged on user is a member of the local group “RTC Local Administrators”, it finds a mismatch with the server name. It turns out that when the server enumerates the local group lists by: servername + “\”+ “local group name” the server name is truncated to 15 characters. The problem is that the server uses the full hostname + “\” + “rtc local administrators” to see if the current user is part of that group.
For example: Actual FQDN of server = ahlncgroupchat001, (just NETBIOS part). Truncated NETBIOS name = XXlncgroupch0.
When the PC server goes to determine if the current user is part of the local group “RTC Local Administrators” it is looking for
“XXlncgroupchat001\RTClocal administers” but that group as enumerated on the server is actually “XXlncgroupchat0\RTC Local Administrator”
This results in a miss-match and the message above!

Resolution: Rename the server to less than 15 characters, re-install PC and re-start services.

Lesson Learned!

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  1. Ben Stewart
    February 6, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Thanks Hugh!

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